Election Candidates

Voting is now open for nominees to the Medical Council. All registered doctors are invited to vote via their account portal on our website. Guidance on accessing the Doctor's Portal and updating your password is available here.

Specialist Division - Anaesthesia

Dr Suzanne Crowe (Registration Number: 19051)
Professor Ellen O’Sullivan (Registration Number: 17468)
Dr Eleanor O’Leary (Registration Number :778)

Specialist Division - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Mary Catherine Therese Doyle (Registration Number: 4345)
Dr Aoife Mullally (Registration Number: 23115)

Specialist Division - pathology or radiology

Dr Thomas Crotty (Registration Number: 009645)

Specialist Division - Public Health Medicine

Dr Anthony Breslin (Registration Number: 11124)
Dr Paul Quigley (Registration Number: 2191)

One medical practitioner, not being a consultant, practising medicine in a hospital

Dr Erica Maguire (Registration Number: 411015)
Dr Michael Ita (Registration Number: 407576)
Dr Tashfeen Siddiq Ali (Registration Number: 402150)
Dr Eamon Francis (Registration Number: 371688)

One registered medical practitioner, not falling within any of the other categories

Dr Roy Mark Browne (Registration Number: 12635)
Dr Dawar Mahmood Siddiqi (Registration Number: 18116)
Dr Sohail Rasool (Registration Number: 16781)
Dr Shane O’Hanlon (Registration Number: 188795)
Dr Sumi Dunne (Registration Number: 23439)
Dr Malachy Gerard Coleman (Registration Number: 3464)
Dr Marcus De Brun (Registration Number: 128888)
Dr Cormac Duff (Registration Number: 417089)
Dr Eleanor Mary Corcoran (Registration Number: 3617)