Fitness to Practise Committee

The Fitness to Practise Committee, chaired by Dr Michael Ryan, inquires into complaints. Inquiries are heard by a Fitness to Practise “Panel” which is made up of three members of the Fitness to Practise Committee, two non-medical people and one doctor. The Chairperson of the Inquiry Panel is a member of the Medical Council and is responsible for making sure that the inquiry is conducted in accordance with fair procedures.


  • Dr Michael Ryan (Council member) (Chair)
  • Dr Eamann Breatnach (external)
  • Mr Michael Brophy (external)
  • Ms Mary Buckley (external)
  • Dr Abdul Bulbulia (external)
  • Dr John Casey (external)
  • Dr Geraldine Corrigan (external)
  • Ms Mary Culliton (external)
  • Mr Denis Doherty (external)
  • Ms Mary Duff (Council member)
  • Professor Fidelma Dunne (Council member)
  • Ms Annette Durkan (external)
  • Ms Catherine Earley (external)
  • Mr T.C Ewing (external)
  • Ms Ger Feeney (external)
  • Dr Ruairi Hanley (Council member)
  • Dr Brendan Healy (external)
  • Dr Nuala Healy (external)
  • Dr Mary Henry (external)
  • Mr Sean Hurley (Council member)
  • Ms Winifred Jeffers (external)
  • Professor Alan Johnson (Council member)
  • Mr Stephen Kealy (external)
  • Ms Marie Kehoe-O’Sullivan (external)
  • Mr John Kincaid (external)
  • Ms Gloria Kirwan (external)
  • Professor Mary Leader (Council member)
  • Dr Deidre Madden (external)
  • Mr. Gerard Magee (external)
  • Ms Una Marren Bell (external)
  • Dr John McAdoo (external)
  • Dr Michael McDermott (external)
  • Professor Damien McLoughlin (external)
  • Mr Frank McManus (external)
  • Professor David Morgan (external)
  • Ms Meg Murphy (external)
  • Mr Paul Murphy (external)
  • Mr John Nisbet (Council member)
  • Dr. Danny O'Hare (external)
  • Mr Tom O'Higgins (Council member)
  • Dr Tim O'Neill (external)
  • Ms Melanie Pine (external)
  • Ms Cornelia Stuart (Council member)
  • Ms Joan Tattan-Denis (external)
  • Dr Consilia Walsh (Council member)

Additional Information

Medical Council Policy for the Publication of Information on the Complaints and Inquiry Process.pdf