Doctors Health Matters

The Medical Council has established a Health Sub-Committee which monitors and advises Council about the health of individual doctors who have relevant medical disabilities.There is good evidence that doctors with health related problems, especially substance misuse, have good outcomes with the correct interventions, balanced on occasion with the involvement of the relevant regulatory authority.

Fortunately, most doctors are in good health, but they are subject to the same illnesses as their patients.  Doctors are not immune from an array of illnesses, for example, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, mental illness, addictions such as alcohol and drug dependence, nor indeed ageing and cognitive decline.

Most doctors who suffer illness will recognise that they have an illness, will attend their General Practitioner, Consultant or Occupational Health physician and comply with the appropriate treatments and recommendations.  This may include taking time off work or indeed changing the nature of their work, either temporarily or permanently. 

The majority of doctors with health problems will therefore have no need to have any involvement with the Medical council or it’s Health Sub-Committee. Unfortunately, some with illness will not have such insights, may be in denial, or delay seeking treatment for some other reason.  In such cases, their illness may impair their practice and indeed harm patients. It is this latter group of doctors who may be reported or referred to the Medical Council's Health Sub-Committee.

Are you concerned about your health or the health of another doctor?

If you have concerns about your health or the health of a doctor you know please consider the following options;

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