Involuntary Withdrawal

Removal of registration for failure to pay fee

At the Council's discretion, any registered doctor who fails to pay the appropriate annual retention fee within a specified period of time may be removed from the register. The provisions of section 79 of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 will apply.

Section 79 - Removal of registration for failure to pay fee
(1) Subject to subsection (2), where a registered doctor fails to pay an appropriate fee required to be paid by the doctor notwithstanding that a reminder notice to pay the fee has been sent to the doctors registered address, the Council may, not earlier than 21 days after that reminder has been sent, remove the doctors registration.
(2) The Council shall not exercise its power under subsection (1) in the case of a registered medical practitioner the subject of a complaint which has not been disposed of or otherwise dealt with under Part 7 and, if applicable, Part 8 and this Part."

Applying to restore to the register following removal for non-payment of fees

Doctors wishing to restore their name to the register having been removed for failure to pay fees should complete the RestoreApp Form, and submit it with the required documentation. The doctor is entitled to have their name restored to the register, on application and payment of the appropriate fee within six months after the date on which the fee became due. [The Medical Council is not precluded from restoring their name to the register if the doctor applies later than six months after the fee became due.] Doctors who have not been registered in Ireland at any time since establishment of the new register are required to apply as a “first-time” applicant under the new Act, using the Generic Application Form.

Section 80 - Restoration, etc, of registration following payment of certain fees.
Where a doctor's registration has been removed pursuant only to section 79, the chief executive officer shall restore that registration if-
(a) within 6 months after the date on which the appropriate fee became due, the doctor makes an application to the Council for the restoration of the doctor's registration, 
(b) the doctor pays to the Council the appropriate fees."

Applicants applying to restore their name to the register having voluntarily withdrawn or been removed from the register for failure to pay fees on or after 16th March 2009 should complete the RestoreApp Form. They are not required to re-submit copies of their basic (primary) degree and other qualifications. For example, a doctor applying to restore their name to the register would not normally be required to re-submit their basic medical qualification and internship certificate. If they have completed specialist training since last registered, they could apply for specialist registration once their name has been restored to the register.