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Statement by Dr Colm Quigley, Vice-President

21st June, 2007

Following the 223rd meeting of the Medical Council held on Wednesday 20th June, 2007 the Vice-President of the Medical Council, Dr. C. Quigley addressed members of the media and highlighted the following items:

Resignation of Dr. John Hillery as President of the Medical Council

The Vice-President advised that the Council at its 223rd meeting had formally accepted the resignation of Dr. J. Hillery as President of the Medical Council. Dr. Hillery remains as a member of Council.

The Vice-President commended Dr. Hillery on the valuable work and strong leadership he provided to the Medical Council during his time both as President of the current Council and Vice-President of the last Council.

The Vice-President also indicated that all Council business will proceed as normal and that he would assume leadership of the Council until the election for a new President takes place next month.

Election of the President of the Medical Council - July 23rd, 2007

The Medical Council will hold an election for President of the Medical Council at the 224th meeting to be held on the 23rd July, 2007. This election will be held in accordance with the provisions of the Medical Practitioners Act, 1978 and will employ the process previously approved by Council in July 2006 for the Mid-Term Elections.

The nomination forms were made available to Council members at the Council meeting held on the 20th June, 2007 and they were also posted to members on the 21st June, 2007 with a closing date for return to the Registrar of the Medical Council by 5.00 p.m. on Thursday 5th July, 2007.

All Council members will also be afforded the option of voting via a postal ballot process, the closing date for receipt of postal votes will be 5.00 p.m. on Thursday 19th July, 2007.

It is intended to hold a press briefing after the 224th meeting of the Medical Council on the 23rd July, 2007 to announce the result of the election.

Review of A Guide to Ethical Conduct and Behaviour

The Medical Council, through its Ethics Committee, is currently in the process of reviewing the provisions of the current edition of this guide (6th Edition - 2004). An advertisement will appear in the national and medical press next week inviting members of the public and interested groups and bodies to participate in the review process by making submissions. The closing date for receipt of submissions is 5.00 p.m. on Friday 7th September, 2007.

New building for the Medical Council

The Medical Council are currently seeking an alternative building in which to accommodate staff, meetings of the Council and Inquiries. The current building located at Lynn House in Rathmines is not adequate for the requirements of the Medical Council under the current legislation.

The introduction of the new Act will mean additional responsibilities and workload for the Medical Council and this in turn will lead to a requirement for increased resources. A suitable building has been identified and the Medical Council are awaiting a response from the Minister's office in this regard.

The acquisition of a new building is a matter of extreme urgency and it is hoped that the purchase of this building will be finalised in the near future at which stage full details will be provided to the media.

The funding for the new building will be provided from Medical Council resources only and will not draw on public funding.

Performance in Practice

The Professional Practice Review pilot project is progressing well. There are just under 120 volunteers to date with an agreed cut off date of the 30th September. The Medical Council is confident that the target of 200 volunteers will be reached by this date and are actively recruiting further volunteers.

Transition of the current Council to the new Council

The work of the Council will proceed as normal and this Council will ensure that a seamless transition will take place between the current and new Council, which is due to take up office once the Medical Practitioners Act, 2007 comes into effect.

It should be noted that there is specific provision in the new legislation for transitional arrangements particularly in relation to the continuation of complaints and the running of Inquiries and the introduction of the new Act will not impact negatively on this process in any way. There are currently no more than ten Inquiries outstanding at this time.

With regard to a timescale for the new Council to take office there is no definitive date available yet. However, once the Medical Practitioners Act, 2007 has been commenced, there will be a period of at least 9-10 weeks to allow for an election and appointment process for the new Council members.


For further information please contact

Lisa Molloy
Secretary to Council


Ph: 01 4983152 or 087 7799962