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Medical Council launches questionnaire to obtain information required for registration purposes

Following the recent appointment by the Minister for Health and Children of the members to a new Medical Council under the terms of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007, it is expected that the new Council will take office shortly.

The new Medical Practitioners Act 2007 requires the Medical Council to establish and maintain a Register of Medical Practitioners in a new format. In part 6 of that Act, section 55(3) states: "The Council shall take such steps as it considers necessary from time to time to ensure that the particulars entered in the Register are accurate".

When the revised Register is established by the Council in the coming months, all medical practitioners will be registered in one of four Divisions (Specialist, Trainee Specialist, General and Visiting EEA Practitioners providing temporary/occasional services). Each Division will include the names of the medical practitioners registered in that Division along with a number of other identifying particulars e.g. a registered address, the location of practice, the specialty in which the doctor is practising and the Postgraduate Training Body to which a doctor is aligned.

In order to ensure the Medical Council has the appropriate information when the new Register is fully established, all doctors are required to complete a short questionnaire. This questionnaire has been included with the annual retention fee notice issued to every doctor this week.

The Medical Council requires that all doctors complete this questionnaire and return it to the Medical Council no later than 1st July 2008. Alternatively it can be completed online at
or via fax to +353 (0) 1 498 3103.

For further information concerning this questionnaire please contact the Questionnaire Hotline:
Tel: 1850 211530 / Email:


Issued by Ms Ciara Mc Morrow, Corporate Services
Ph: +353 (0) 1 498 3130