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Medical Council publishes new Guide to Ethical Conduct and Behaviour for Registered Medical Practitioners

In its new ‘Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners’ published today, the Medical Council has clarified a number of matters involving doctors and their patients including consent, confidentiality, end of life care, provision of information to the public, prescribing practices and referral of patients.

The President of the Medical Council Professor Kieran Murphy said: “There is increased emphasis in recent years on patient safety and this has influenced the expansion ofguidance on adverse events and more open communication with patients. Besides offering guidance to doctors, the Medical Council also encourages the public to read the Guide as it will allow them to better understand the standards expected of doctors. This will then enable them to participate more equally in the relationship between doctors and patients, a relationship based on partnership and underpinned by shared responsibilities.” 

The Medical Council has said that, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, it will develop further comprehensive guidelines relating to assisted human reproduction and the relationship between doctors and commercial enterprises.

A copy of the Guide can be downloaded here .