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Notice for doctors who previously held temporary registration seeking registration in the Trainee Specialist Division for the first time

If you are a medical practitioner who previously held temporary registration in the General Register of Medical Practitioners under the Medical Practitioners Act 1978 but you were not on the Register on the Register Establishment Day (i.e. 16th March 2009) you should note that your name was not transferred to the new Register. This means that if you wish to be registered in a new training post or in another Division of the Register, you must apply as a first-time applicant.

How to apply
You must complete the Generic Application Form and submit the required documentation. However, as your basic medical qualification (primary medical degree) and Certificate of Experience / Internship have already been verified, it may not be necessary to re-submit these two documents. You are required to submit a reference from at least one supervising Consultant relevant to your most recent employment in approved training posts in Ireland and Certificate(s) of Good Standing from all competent authorities with whom you have been registered in the past five years and, if you have not been registered within this jurisdiction in the past two years, you must submit an IELTS Certificate dated within the past two years, having attained the required score. If you have been registered with the Medical Council in the past five years, you are exempt from the Pre-Registration Examination System ("PRES"). Finally, you must submit a form TSR1, which is similar to the old TS2 forms and is available from most hospitals, or can be downloaded from the Medical Council website.

NOTE: If you have been registered since 16th March 2009, you can disregard this notice.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact the Registration Section of the Medical Council at