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President addresses key issues at Medical Council Annual Dinner

Speaking at the recent Annual Dinner of the Medical Council, held in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Professor Kieran Murphy, President of the Medical Council said that the key challenges for the new Council were:

  • The full implementation of Medical Practitioners Act, 2007;
  • Reform and modernisation of Medical Council structures;
  • Engagement with the Medical Profession;
  • Establishing trust and confidence of the medical profession and the public.

Professor Murphy said "Historically, there has been a perception that the Medical Council is a secretive, opaque and remote institution. By involving both the public and the profession in our committees and working groups, we will not only change this perception but, more importantly, will improve the reality. The new Medical Practitioners Act gives the medical profession and the public the structures to be included more widely and deeply in the practical workings of the Council than ever before."
Professor Murphy thanked his two predecessors, John Hillery and Colm Quigley, for their leadership of the last Council, the Medical Council staff led by John Lamont and the present Council members who have shown "expertise, wisdom, strength of purpose and the ability to work together to resolve difficult issues".


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