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Statement from Professor Kieran Murphy concerning the Register Establishment Day

27th February 2009

Professor Kieran Murphy has announced that the Medical Council will establish a new Register of Medical Practitioners on 16th March 2009. As part of the process of implementing Part 6 of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 governing registration, the Medical Council has made Rules to determine the manner in which the Register is established and maintained.

"These Rules define the manner in which medical practitioners will be registered in the Republic of Ireland on or after the Register Establishment Day. All medical practitioners seeking to practise medicine in Ireland must be registered with the Medical Council in the appropriate Division of the Register."

Editors note:
In meeting its statutory obligations, the Council published the rules in draft form and the public were invited to comment on them during October and November 2008. Following this consultation process and consideration of submissions received, the draft rules have been reviewed and finalised.
Full details of the Divisions of the new Register are available on the Medical Council's website.


For further information contact Ciara McMorrow, Medical Council