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Draft Amendments to Registration Rules

The Medical Practitioners Act 2007 requires all medical practitioners seeking to practise medicine within the Republic of Ireland to be registered with the Medical Council in a Division of the Register which is appropriate to their medical qualifications and training. The Medical Council has reviewed its current Registration Rules and Rules Specifying Pre-Registration Exams and Exemptions and a new set of Registration Rules is being published for comment by interested parties and the public. These Rules define the manner in which medical practitioners may be registered in the Republic of Ireland. To download these rules, please click on the link below;
The Draft Amendments to the Registration Rules.pdf

These amendments are not finalised and you may comment on them by clicking on the following link to download, edit and submit a feedback form. Please note that all submissions are subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Acts 1997-2003. Comments must be received at the Council's offices by close of business on 14th September 2010.
Feedback Form.pdf

Completed forms can be sent as an attachment by:
email to:
or fax to: 01-4983102
or post to:
Medical Council
Kingram House
Kingram Place
Dublin 2

Press Statement - 3rd August
Current Registration Rules.pdf

The deadline for submissions on the draft rules has passed.