Medical Council News


Notice for all medical practitioners wishing to commence training posts on 1st January 2010

The majority of applications recieved for trainee specialist registration, for posts commencing in January 2010, have been processed and a Certificate of Registration issued.

There is a small number of applications for posts which are not listed and the Medical Council is consulting with the HSE regarding those posts. The Medical Council will process all remaining applications received as soon as possible.

In the meantime, each hospital has been sent a list of recognised training posts and approved applications for registration in those posts. If you have not received your Certificate of Registration and are not yet appearing on our website as registered in the Trainee Specialist Division, you should provide your registration number to your Medical Manpower Manager and ask them to check the list sent to them. Please do not contact the Medical Council if your registration number is on that list. Your application is being processed and you should receive your Certificate of Registration shortly.

If you have not yet applied for trainee specialist registration and you do not hold general registration, you should not commence in your new post until your registration has been confirmed. You should apply immediately, using the Form TSR1, which is available from Medical Manpower in the hospital where you are due to take up your new post.

Doctors who hold general registration and are practising in recognised training posts are obliged also to apply to transfer their name to the Trainee Specialist Division, using the same Form TSR1. They may, however, practise in the training post while awaiting the outcome of their application for trainee specialist registration.