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The Annual Retention Process

The Medical Council's annual retention year starts on the 1st of July. Doctors are required to complete the annual retention process each registration year, which involves paying the annual retention fee and completing the Annual Declaration Form.

Medical Practitioners are obliged to pay the annual retention fee to practise medicine in Ireland. Failure to do so may result in a doctor’s name being removed from the Register of Medical Practitioners. It is a criminal offence to practise medicine in this jurisdiction while unregistered.

At the time of issuing this, 647 doctors have not yet paid their annual retention fee and 8,858 doctors have not completed the Annual Declaration Form.

The Annual Declaration Form has been sent to you with your invoice. It is also possible to complete it online. 

Your name will not be removed from the Register if you pay the fee but don't complete the Annual Declaration form. However, you are required to complete the Medical Council's annual retention process and this Annual Declaration form is part of that process.