Medical Council News


Guideline for Medical Schools

on ethical standards and behaviour appropriate for medical students

At the end of summer last year, we contacted each medical school asking that they make their medical students aware of the draft Guidelines for Medical Schools on Ethical Standards and Behaviour Appropriate for Medical Students. Feedback and input into the draft from medical students was much appreciated and a number of suggestions were incorporated into the Guidelines.

While guidelines for registered medical practitioners have long been in place, this is the first time that an ‘Ethical Guide’ for undergraduate students has been published. This document is intended to set out elements of good practice, conduct and behaviour and to encourage those in medical education to aim for and achieve high standards.

The guidelines have been published as a leaflet and are available to download on our website. This leaflet will be circulated to all medical students and Medical Schools over the coming weeks, and the intention is for Medical Schools to incorporate the guidelines into their teaching. We hope that the guidelines will support students and Medical Schools in the key area of developing professionalism.