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Medical Council Commences Recruitment of Assessors for New Performance Procedures

Assessors to be recruited for onsite, independent reviews of performance

The Medical Council today (Wednesday, 15th June, 2011) commenced the process of selecting assessors who will support new procedures to work with doctors who are the subject of concerns regarding performance.  Until now, the Medical Council has handled such concerns by utilising health or disciplinary processes.  Arising from commencement of Part 11 of the Medical Practitioners Act, the Medical Council is establishing new procedures which will allow for an assessment of a doctor’s performance where concerns have been raised and will also provide a basis to address these concerns.

Speaking today, Professor Kieran Murphy, President of the Medical Council said: “New performance procedures will be developed to further enhance our processes in protecting the public and improving patient safety.  It is planned that performance procedures will be in place by the end of this year and will be designed to both identify potential deficiencies and offer support to doctors in their pursuit of good professional practice.”

From late 2011, medical and non-medical assessors will conduct on-site, independent assessments within a doctor’s practice, observing interactions with patients and reviewing performance in practice. The number of assessments they conduct will vary, depending on the type of concerns raised during a given year. The Medical Council will provide successful applicants with specialised training in September, and following completion of this process, a panel of assessors will be established to support the operation of performance procedures from the end of year.   

Announcing the commencement of assessor selection processes, Ms Caroline Spillane, CEO of the Medical Council said: “The Medical Council will create a panel of medical and lay assessors to provide an independent, fair and comprehensive view on the performance of a doctor, within the wider context of their practice. The assessor panel will be composed of individuals from a range of disciplines with demonstrable expertise in the area of performance assessment.”