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Registration Section, the people who process your application

If a doctor wishes to practise medicine in Ireland, they are required by law to be registered with the Medical Council. It is an offence to practise medicine within the State while unregistered. Each doctor is responsible for ensuring that their registration is current and appropriate for their individual circumstances. The Register comprises four Divisions:

A medical practitioner can only be registered in one Division at a time, except for a specialist training in another specialty.

The Registration Section is responsible for the registration of doctors, including applications for registration and transfers between divisions of practitioners.

Staff in Registration assess all applications in accordance with the requirements of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 and the Registration Rules. These requirements have been expanded into a detailed Guide to registration and are reflected in the comprehensive application form.

Assessing an application is a comprehensive and thorough process where each first time application is reviewed by an officer to ensure that the doctor making an application meets the Council's requirements. This includes at the basic level:

confirming basic medical qualifications and identity of a doctor
ensuring the doctor is in good standing in any other jurisdiction where they are registered
confirming the doctor has demonstrated a career of continuing practice
While applications for registration and transfer are received at all times during the year, the Registration Section has two periods of intense activity; the annual retention processing takes place in July and in January there is a significant round of transfers, particularly within the trainee specialist division.