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Factors that Affect Doctors Performance

We are delighted to announce a fourth workshop which will examine the factors that enable a doctor’s performance.  This interactive workshop, facilitated by the UK’s National Clinical Assessment Service, will also explore how to respond to concerns about a doctors' performance. NCAS, who helped the Medical Council establish its performance procedures, are leaders in understanding and supporting doctors’ performance in practice.

Parallel interactive workshops have been designed to provide participants with opportunities to explore professionalism in action.

The four workshops will cover:

Workshop 1 - Nature and nurture, the importance of achieving good practitioner health 

                     •How personal traits and the practising environment affect professionals' health

Workshop 2 - Clinical Audit, all you need to know to get started but were afraid to ask

                     •The practical tools for putting professionalism into action through Clinical Audit

Workshop 3 - Avoiding a complaint – learning from others’ mistakes

                     •An examination of fitness to practise case studies to inform ethical guidance

Workshop 4 - Factors that affect doctors’ performance

                     •Facilitated by NCAS, an exploration of how to respond to concerns