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Medical Council Agrees Rules for the Annual Retention Process

The Medical Council has agreed new rules for the process of annual retention of registration for doctors, and confirmed that the annual retention fee will remain unchanged for the fourth consecutive year.

Fees are as follows:

  • €490 for registered doctors aged under 65
  • €180 for doctors aged between 65 and 69
  • €62  for doctors aged 70 and over

The rules formalise existing procedures and clarify that doctors must submit a valid application and pay their annual retention fee on or before 30th June so as to ensure continuing registration to practise medicine in Ireland. 

Under the rules:

  • A late payment fee has been introduced.  This means that those who fail to pay their retention fee and return a competed application form on or before 30th June 2012 will be subject to an additional €50 fee. 
  • All doctors are required to complete an application form in addition to the payment of the fee.  This form gathers short and straightforward information about continuing practice, and also seeks a declaration that doctors are maintaining their professional competence in line with Medical Council requirements. 
  • Any doctor who does not submit a valid application on or before 30th June 2012 will incur a late payment fee.  In addition any doctor who fails to make a valid application on time risks being removed from the register or be the subject of a complaint by the Medical Council on the basis of having failed to apply to retain registration.

Speaking about the new rules, President of the Medical Council, Professor Kieran Murphy said:  “These new rules will support the Council in ensuring that robust processes are in place so that doctors will only retain registration once they have provided the Council with information about their continuing practice, including new professional competence requirements.  These rules are designed to provide clarity to the profession on the requirements of the annual retention process and in turn strengthen the Council’s regulatory oversight to ensure the ongoing safety of patients.”

The finalisation of the rules follows a consultation process in which approximately 20 responses were received from individuals and organisations relating to the draft rules.  The majority of responses questioned the introduction of a late payment fee.  This fee has been introduced, with Council having considered this feedback but also the business need of the Council to deliver efficiencies by promoting the timely submission of applications for the retention of registration.

Speaking about the annual retention process, Chief Executive of the Medical Council, Caroline Spillane said:  “For those who pay their fee and complete their application form on or before the 30th of June, the fee will remain unchanged for the fourth consecutive year.  The Council is working hard to reduce its costs and in order to keep this fee unchanged we have a requirement to use our resources more effectively in discharging the increased functions which have arisen from the 2007 Medical Practitioners Act.  Late payment fees are easily avoidable and are being introduced to help us to streamline the annual retention process and ensure that we are no longer diverting resources away from core functions to follow up with doctors have chosen not to pay on-time.”  

Doctors can submit their application form and pay their fee online now at, while all registered doctors will receive their invoice and hard copy forms by post in due course. 


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Medical Council Communications Manager
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