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Medical Council Reminds Doctors of Guidance on Provision of Sickness Certification

At its meeting on Thursday 5th July, the Medical Council discussed the ongoing debate surrounding sick leave and its impact on the economy and the public finances.  The Medical Council is reminding doctors of its guidance on the provision of sickness certification to patients and the fact that such certificates should only be issued once a doctor considers a patient to be genuinely unfit for work.

The Medical Council’s Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners states that:

"In issuing certificates, reports, prescriptions and other formal documents, you must be accurate and make sure the document is legible. You must also include your Medical Council registration number. Normally you should only sign a certificate or other such prescription, report or document for a patient following review of the patient’s condition”.

The Council also wishes to remind the public and employers that all complaints received relating to this issue will be thoroughly investigated and action will be taken should a doctor be found to be in breach of the Guide. 


Information on the Medical Council complaints process can be found at

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