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Medical Council to host European regulator meeting in 2013

Establishing and maintaining good link with other medical regulatory bodies is one of the ways which the Medical Council ensures that it fulfils its role effectively.  In early 2013 the Medical Council will host a meeting of the European Network of Medical Competent Authorities (ENMCA).

The ENMCA Network brings together European competent authorities responsible for the recognition of medical qualifications, in line with Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications. The ENMCA was first established in 2010 to assist in co-ordinating the responses and communicating the experiences of national medical competent authorities, with reference to the pending revision of the Directive. The ENMCA is co-ordinated by the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom, the Bundesärztekammar of Germany and the Conseil national de l’Ordre des médecins of France. For more information the website can be viewed at

The Meeting will be an important opportunity for medical regulatory bodies across the European Union to exchange information and views on areas of common focus.  This includes the modernisation of the EU Directive 2005/36/EC on the Recognition of the Professional Qualifications