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What Professional Competence Activities are Doctors Engaged In?

All doctors registered with the Medical Council (except those in the Trainee Specialist Division) must maintain their professional competence by enrolling in a professional competence scheme and taking part in professional competence activities which are relevant to their work. Doctors are enrolled in professional competence schemes operated by postgraduate medical training bodies.   Special arrangements have been made for doctors practising overseas.

Activities doctors must engage in include:

•Maintenance of Knowledge and Skills (for example, attending professional meetings, seminars and medically related education courses and so on)

•Practice Evaluation and Development activities (for example, chart reviews, case presentations, peer review groups, and so on)

•Personal learning activities (for example, reading medical publications)

•Research and teaching (desirable)

•Clinical Audit - Completion of a clinical skills checklist to see how the care the doctor provides compares with standards with a view to improving quality. 

All of these activities must be approved by the postgraduate training body. Employers also have a duty to facilitate the maintenance of professional competence.