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Vascular Surgery Recognised as a Medical Specialty

Following a period of consultation and engagement, the Medical Council has recognised Vascular Surgery as a medical specialty. Arising from this recognition, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) is now responsible and accountable to the Medical Council for matters relating to Vascular Surgery.

Recognition provides a mandate for the establishment of a domestic programme of specialist training in Vascular Surgery, successful completion of which will result in the award of a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist Training (CSCST). Doctors who have been awarded the CSCST will be able to access the Specialist Division of the Register in the specialty of Vascular Surgery.

While a programme of specialist training is being established, the sole route to registration is via assessment against defined specialty-specific competencies. These competencies will be developed and confirmed by the RCSI using the standard template which has been agreed between the Medical Council and the RCSI (and the other Irish postgraduate training bodies).