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Consultation on Updated Medical Education and Training Rules

The Medical Council has begun a period of consultation as part of the development of amendments to its medical education and training rules in line with revisions to the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

The Medical Council adopted the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) Standards for undergraduate accreditations under the 2007 European Specifications and as the WFME updated its global standards in 2015, the proposed amendment to existing rules is to formally adopt the 2015 WFME revision. This will require a minor change to the rules made in respect of the duties of the Medical Council under section 88 of the Medical Practitioners Act (2007), which makes specific reference to the WFME 2007 standards. In the WFME 2007 standards, reference is made to the 8 Domains of Good Professional Practice and Council is now proposing the inclusion of the Three Pillars of Professionalism, which were introduced in the 8th Edition of the Ethical Guide.

The Council has published the draft amendments to the rules on its website here, and is inviting members of the public, the profession and other interested parties to comment on the draft.  Following this consultation process and consideration by Council of submissions received, the draft amendments to the rules will be reviewed and finalised. 

The period for the public consultation will run until 2nd December, 2016.