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The Medical Council’s Health Committee plays an important role in supporting doctors to continue in practise during illness once there is no risk to patient safety. Throughout 2015, 51 doctors in total were supported by the Health Committee, most commonly for addiction and mental health reasons. There were 16 new doctors with the Health Committee in 2015.

As at 31st December 2015, there were 41 doctors with the Health Committee with 10 doctors being discharged throughout the year. Please see a breakdown of statistics below:

Health Committee

No with Health Committee as at 31.12.2015


No of new doctors with Health Committee in 2015


Discharged from Health Committee in 2015


Doctors can be referred to the Health Committee for a variety of different reasons.
Please see below a breakdown of reasons for referral in 2015:

Reasons for Referral to Health Committee

Substance Misuse


Mental Disability


Neurological Disorder


Co Morbidity - Hepatitis/Drug Misuse




For more information on the Medical Council’s Health Committee, please see an article from our February newsletter here


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