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Message from CEO

As the New Year approaches, we can look back on a very productive year in the Medical Council. With the publication of our Annual Report and our Workforce Intelligence Workforce Report we shared some interesting findings with the public. There was a significant increase in the registration of doctors this year with 20,473 registered. Approximately 41% of the medical workforce are female and of those who are registered in the specialist division 55% were aged 55 years and older. These reports are always necessary to highlight and inform the public of the current medical climate in Ireland.

Our aim is to continuously improve our processes and to better serve patients and doctors alike. In May we published our updated Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners (8th ed). This booklet was developed after an extensive consultation process with members of the public, doctors and partner organisations in an effort to outline the principles of professional practice that doctors are expected to follow.

This year we released our online Patient booklet entitled ‘Working with Your Doctor: useful information for patients’. It explains to patients what to expect from their doctor while outlining ways to work with them to improve their own health care. We consider this booklet to be of extreme importance for the public as it recommends being an informed patient, and explains the different types of doctors all in comprehensive terms. Not only did it reinforce how patient safety and the standard of care is vital to us, but it also allowed doctors to understand how we share their passion for the safety of the public. We look forward to sharing this information with the general public.

We have recently conducted surveys of both the profession and the public to accumulate information on a range of topics relating to our work here in the Medical Council and doctors' practice. We have found these surveys to be invaluable in the past as they help to outline our future objectives.

Patient Safety continues to be at the forefront of the Medical Council’s mission and this year we held a patient safety focused conference at the end of October. The event was met with a great number of attendees as well as informative and interesting speakers from medical practitioners, to a high performance expert, an astronaut and our own patient safety advocate Margaret Murphy. The feedback we received from the event has been positive. All in all, it was a successful conference and we hope to organise more in the future. This year has again reinforced how crucial our role in patient safety is for the wider public.

While inquiries are ongoing we are mindful as a regulatory body to continue our work to aid patient safety in the best way possible. From our Registration team through to Professional Standards, each department within the organisation is quick to act when concern arises. Going forward in 2017, our business plan which will be published early in the year will outline our key objectives for each section. All with a common goal, to better our services for the interest of the public.

To conclude I wanted to inform you all that Lynn House was sold following consent from both the Minister for Health and the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform. Consent was given on the condition any funds accruing to the Council from the disposal of the property are held in capital reserve and utilised for the long-term spatial requirements of the organisation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both the Council and staff for their continuous hard work during the course of the year and we look forward to making more progress in 2017.

Bill Prasifka

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