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Military Medicine: What you need to know

The Medical Council recognises 57 medical specialties for the purposes of specialist registration in Ireland. Five new specialties have been recognised in the past two years, and this article explains the specialty of military medicine, which was recognised in 2015.

What is Military Medicine?

Military medicine constitutes the art and science of medicine as practiced in the Defence Forces or other national military environment. It is a composite specialty rooted in general practice and occupational medicine, embracing a wide variety of skills and knowledge, applicable both in the on-island and deployed setting, with the primary goal of contributing to the success of the mission as assigned by Government. Practitioners are required to work in a unique socio-cultural environment with its own command structure but are also required to adhere to the traditional ethical principles of medical practice.

The Irish College of General Practitioners is responsible for training, education and standards of practice in military medicine in Ireland. The College is working in close partnership with the Faculty of Military Medicine to collectively oversee and implement the forthcoming five-year programme of specialist training in military medicine, completion of which will enable practitioners to pursue specialist registration in both general practice and military medicine.