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Your Training Counts Survey Listening to Trainee Views

Donations will be made to support doctors’ health for each survey completed

Your Training Counts, the annual national trainee experience survey, is now open for trainees to provide feedback on their experience of medical education and training. All trainees have been invited to participate via email with a link to the survey.

The initiative is now entering its 3rd year and so far we have released detailed reports on such issues as health and wellbeing, the learning environment and career and retention intentions

The survey has been incredibly valuable in providing trainees an opportunity to give frank, honest and anonymous feedback and bringing their voice to the forefront of medical education and training. We have highlighted concerning issues in the healthcare system such as bullying and the emigration of doctors from Ireland, which has garnered significant coverage and created a dialogue within the profession and the healthcare system. It is important that research such as this is carried out and is kept firmly on the agenda until we begin to see positive changes coming through.

Our focus is on working with others to make sure all of the findings are responded to. You can view information on our website on the changes that have been made since the survey began.

Armed with this data, we will be able to gauge progress as we measure views on an annual basis, so it’s important that all trainees take the time to provide us with feedback.
Our survey has highlighted how the learning environment can impact trainee health and wellbeing. As part of the Medical Council’s support for the Practitioner Health Matters Programme, for every response we receive, we will donate €1 to their work assisting doctors with health issues.

You can follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the report findings.

Last year’s report found:

Trainee Emigration