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Your Training Counts: Your Chance to Make a Change

The Your Training Counts 2016 survey will close in the coming weeks and it’s the last chance for trainees to take part in this year’s survey and have your say in trainee experience.

An integral part of the Medical Council’s role is setting and monitoring standards for postgraduate education and training. This is why we speak directly to trainees in order to monitor the positive aspects of training, the reported deficiencies and the concerns among trainee doctors regarding their medical training. Only when we’re aware, can we bring about change and being to resolve the challenges faced.

The higher the participation rates in the survey, the greater the validity of the survey results and the more confidence we can have in collectively responding to the results.

During the last year, because of the feedback trainees gave in Your Training Counts, the Medical Council has:

  • Conducted a review of the intern year and identified areas for improvement;
  • Began development of an induction programme for doctors new to practice in Ireland, known as Safe Start;
  • Continued to highlight the issue of bullying in trainee learning environments - locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Met with postgraduate training bodies to explore Your Training Counts results and discuss quality improvement activities;
  • Provided bespoke (and anonymous) feedback reports for individual training bodies so they can better understand how to develop responses to challenges identified by their trainees;
  • Used Your Training Counts data to inform the accreditation of training programmes and to prioritise clinical site inspections;
  • Represented trainees' views on the quality of learning environments in a Department of Health taskforce for improving training;
  • Reviewed the Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics to ensure that it reflects issues raised in Your Training Counts.

With every response we receive, a €1 contribution will be donated to the Practitioner Health Matters Programme to invest in doctors’ health and wellbeing, an issue of concern for trainee doctors as reported in our previous Your Training Counts survey results.

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