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4th November cut off date for Professional Practice Review

Doctors who have ensured the completion of the pilot Professional Practice Review before Sunday 4 November will be exempt from undergoing this process again for a five year period. While 151 doctors have already volunteered for this pilot review, many of those have yet to ensure all questionnaires and forms have been completed and returned to the Medical Council: this includes their own self assessment questionnaire, their patient questionnaires and those from their medical and non-medical nominees.

The Professional Practice Review is designed to give doctors valuable insight into their practice, based on feedback from their patients and colleagues. Dr Lynda Sisson, Director of Performance in Practice in the Medical Council, said: "If a volunteer GP still has information outstanding on 4 November, it will not be possible to issue these GPs with a full report. The sooner all parties finish their part of the review the sooner all volunteers will be issued their full confidential reports. It is likely, under the terms of the Medical Practitioners Act, 2007, that it will be mandatory for all doctors to participate in a peer review programme such as this. The aim of this pilot is to determine the suitability of the programme for the Irish context and to establish Irish norms. The confidential feedback report resulting from the process allows doctors to identify their strengths and areas for development. Research has shown that over 50% of doctors who participated in such processes make changes to their practice from the constructive feedback received. It would be a shame for those doctors who have volunteered and completed some of the process, not to receive a full report because of a few omissions."

For further information on the Professional Practice Review please contact the Performance in Practice Office at:
LoCall: 1850 211 530

Information Leaflets and Frequently Asked Questions are available on the Performance in Practice section of the Medical Council website.
The Medical Council would like to thank the Irish College of General Practitioners and the Irish Patients Association for their enthusiastic support of the Professional Practice Review for doctors.


For further information, please contact:

Ms. Lisa Molloy, Secretary to Council, 01 498 3152; 087 7799962