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Medical Council announces TRAS Part 1 assessment now available electronically in selected countries

The Medical Council is pleased to announce that from 14 March 2005 the TRAS Part I (MCQ) assessment is available electronically in test centres in Egypt, India, Ireland and Pakistan. Examinations will now be available to eligible candidates on a regular basis and can be booked and scheduled from 28 February 2005.

Candidates must meet the following criteria in order to book:

  1. You must have completed the document examination process with the Medical Council's Registration section and be declared eligible to sit the TRAS;
  2. You must be in possession of a Letter of Authorisation from the Medical Council, together with an admission card. Letters of Authorisation will be posted to all currently eligible candidates as soon as possible. Your eligibility and/or admission card must not be expired on or before the date on which you are scheduled to sit the MCQ;
  3. You must hold (or have authorised use of) a valid Visa / Mastercard / American Express credit card.
  4. You must hold a current, valid passport; your passport number and its expiry date must be identical to those indicated in the Letter of Authorisation received from the Medical Council.
  5. You must have a current, functional e-mail address to receive confirmation of your booking, whether you have booked by telephone or online.
  6. As long as you remain eligible, you do not have to repeat steps 1 and 2 above before re-sitting the examination

When you receive your Letter of Authorisation from the Medical Council, you must carefully check the information contained therein to ensure that the Medical Council has your correct details. If any of the details are incorrect, please contact the Medical Council IMMEDIATELY to avoid delays/problems when booking/attending an examination.
Once you are certain that your details are correct, you must then contact the Regional Registration Centre of your choice by telephone (see the list provided with the Letter of Authorisation) or book online at the website mentioned in the Letter of Authorisation.

IMPORTANT - Please note:

  1. You should not attempt to book an examination before receiving your Letter of Authorisation and admission card. The Medical Council will not be responsible for Candidates who are refused entry to an examination because they do not have their Letter of Authorisation and admission card.
  2. If you have failed the MCQ before, you may attempt the examination as many times as you wish until you either pass the MCQ or your eligibility expires. However, you must leave a gap of AT LEAST SIX WEEKS before re-sitting the examination.
  3. Please pay careful attention to the information provided by the testing centre and ensure that you strictly adhere to their instructions and regulations/policy guidelines.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please contact the Education & Training section by telephone at: 00-353-1-4983138; by fax at: 00-353-1-4983155; or by email to: