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22,859 Doctors Now Registered with the Medical Council

Small number of doctors have yet to comply with new Professional Indemnity Requirements and risk being removed from the Register

Tuesday, 13th November 2018: Following the end of the annual retention period, the Medical Council Register has grown to 22,859 doctors. However, a very small number of doctors have not fulfilled their requirements relating to providing proof of professional indemnity.

As part of this year’s process, doctors were asked to comply with new requirements relating to professional indemnity, which came into force following the introduction of the Medical Practitioner’s (Amendment) Act 2017.

This Act amended the Medical Practitioners Act 2007, and outlines new mandatory legal requirements for all medical practitioners currently registered or applying to register with the Medical Council in regards to their levels of professional medical indemnity.

Thus, medical practitioners currently registered with the Medical Council have been requested to confirm their professional indemnity with the Council.

Speaking about this change, Director of Registration & Business Process Improvement with the Medical Council, Mr Philip Brady, said: “Professional indemnity is a mandatory requirement and will protect the practitioner against claims arising in respect of medical malpractice, negligence and other civil claims that arise from a breach of duty associated with their practice as a doctor.”

“Most practitioners already have professional indemnity in place and the only change for those doctors was completing the appropriate declaration and, in some cases, providing a copy of their indemnity cover certificate to the Council. Some practitioners may have had to review the level of indemnity they have to ensure they have the correct level of cover for the scope of their practise”.

“All doctors practising medicine in Ireland must have indemnity cover appropriate to the nature of their employment/practice arrangement and their area of practice.”

“Over 99% of doctors have complied with the new requirements this year, however a very small number of doctors have yet to provide proof of professional indemnity. To comply with the legislation, it is not enough for doctors to just have professional indemnity, as they must also provide proof of their indemnity to the Medical Council.” concluded Mr Brady.

The Medical Council has contacted doctors who have not provided proof of indemnity numerous times and are continuing to contact this very small number of doctors by post, email and phone.

If any doctor has not complied by 11th December 2018, the Medical Council may remove them from the register.