Trainee Specialist Registration - Non EU/EEA Trained Doctors

Doctors registered in the trainee specialist division are on recognised training programmes and practice solely within the confines of individually numbered identifiable training posts, allocated by the Health Service Executive (HSE), in conjunction with the national postgraduate training bodies.

Non  European Union/ European Economic Area trained applicants are doctors who:

  • Completed their basic medical training in a Non European Union/ European Economic Area member state


  • Who only completed part of their medical training in an European Union/ European Economic Area member state. This typically would be an applicant who completed a medical degree in the European Union/ European Economic Area member state but who did not complete their internship in the same European Union/ European Economic Area member state. 

Application Process

Application Process

Non European Union/ European Economic Area trained doctors must submit their application through the online registration account.

Non  European Union/ European Economic Area qualified applicants for registration are required to have their medical education credentials primary source verified in advance of making their application for registration.

Eligibility Routes

Recognised Internship plus Higher Qualification (HQ) Route

  • Applicants will have completed an internship in one of the countries listed


Recognised Internship plus Pre-Registration Examination System (PRES) Route

  • Applicants will have completed an internship in one of the countries listed


Additional Information