Public consultation on registration rules

The Medical Council at its meeting on 25th April 2012 decided to make rules in accordance with section 11 of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007.  The rules will govern the annual process to retain registration. The Medical Council is inviting feedback as part of a consultation process before the rules are finalised.  The Medical Council's annual retention year starts on July 1st and all doctors are obliged to pay the annual retention fee to practise medicine in Ireland. 

The new rules are designed to streamline Council’s existing processes and to reduce the significant administrative costs incurred by the Council each year.  

These rules will only be finalised following a public consultation process and you are invited to submit any feedback on the rules by 9am on Thursday 10th May.  Rules are designed to streamline our annual retention system, and the consultation process gives you an opportunity to shape these rules by providing us with your comments. 

Submissions on the draft rules must reach the Council by 9am on Thursday 10th May.

Feedback can be submitted: