Allegation of falsely representing previous experience when applying for a position as a SHO

In this inquiry it was alleged that an NCHD failed to disclose relevant material and/or falsely represented his previous experience when applying for a job as an SHO in a hospital.

The doctor attended the inquiry and was legally represented.

The CEO called both medical and administrative witnesses from the hospital to give evidence. The doctor admitted the following allegations and accepted that they amounted to professional misconduct:-

  • That false representations had been made concerning past experience and
  • That in fact some past experience was as a clinical observer;

The FTPC also heard that the doctor had resigned from the post and had not worked since. Subsequently the Council, having regard to the doctor’s admissions, present circumstances and taking into account the finding of professional misconduct, admonished the doctor.


The general principles of the Ethical Guide at paragraphs 1.1 and 1.2 would be relevant and in addition that the public had higher expectations of registered medical practitioners.