Allegation of falsifying CV and application form

The Preliminary Proceedings Committee (“PPC”) received a complaint regarding a medical practitioner who, it was alleged, falsified his curriculum vitae and misrepresented himself in an application which he had made for a training programme. The issue arose when the Consultants, under whom the practitioner was working, became very concerned with his level of clinical experience and decided to investigate his previous experience.

Following consideration of the correspondence from the Medical School, the PPC directed that the practitioner be requested to provide his observations and comments in respect of the matter. The PPC formed the opinion, having regard to the information which it had considered, that there was a prima facie case to warrant further action being taken and pursuant to section 63(a) of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 referred the matter to the Fitness to Practise Committee.

A Notice of Inquiry was prepared and served on the practitioner setting out the two allegations of professional misconduct. An inquiry was held by the Fitness to Practise Committee in which sworn evidence was given by four witnesses in respect of the allegations. The Committee, at the conclusion of the inquiry, prepared a report detailing its findings of professional misconduct made against the practitioner together with the reasons for its findings for the Medical Council to consider having regard to sanction.

The Medical Council having heard submissions and in noting the undertaking given by the practitioner not to repeat the conduct censured the practitioner in relation to his professional conduct.