Failure to administer and skills to administer correct medication

In this inquiry the doctor, a non-consultant hospital doctor (“NCHD”) in a general hospital was complained about to the PPC by the Manager of the hospital on a number of grounds including that the doctor;-

a. Failed to administer an antibiotic to a patient when the patient had been prescribed such an antibiotic and he had been requested to administer it
b. Administered a saline flush in circumstances where the NCHD knew or ought to have known that the patient was not prescribed a saline flush
c. Represented to nursing staff that an antibiotic had been administered
d. Recorded in the patients chart that an antibiotic had been administered when the NCHD knew that that was not the case.

At the inquiry evidence was heard from a number of witnesses including the doctor. The FTPC found the allegations proved and that they amounted to professional misconduct.
Subsequently the Council, having heard again that the NCHDs circumstances had changed since the events complained of and the hearing of the inquiry, took on board the submissions made by and on behalf of the NCHD , together with the evidence at the inquiry and censured the NCHD attaching conditions to the NCHD’s registration.