Failure to apply adequate care to a patient

This inquiry concerned a surgeon who was wholly in private practice and, through the offices of a cosmetic surgery clinic, carried out cosmetic surgical procedures on a patient. The events complained of occurred prior to 3rd July 2008 and therefore the Fitness to Practise Committee (FTPC) considered the inquiry on the ground of professional misconduct only. The surgeon was present at the inquiry but was not legally represented.

The FTPC heard evidence from the patient, other healthcare staff from the clinic and an expert called by the CEO. The surgeon also gave evidence.

The FTPC found that surgeon:

  • Failed to address the patient’s post operative infection;
  • Failed to maintain or any adequate medical records in respect of the care afforded to the patient;
  • Failed to apply adequate standards of clinical judgment in respect of the care afforded to the patient.

The FTPC found the surgeon guilty of professional misconduct. Subsequently the Council decided to suspend the surgeon’s registration and to impose conditions when the surgeon’s registration became effective again on the Register.


The following provisions of the Ethical Guide would be relevant to the matters under consideration at this inquiry:-

Paragraph 4 – Paramount Responsibility to Patients
Paragraph 23 – Medical Records