Internship Registration

Internship registration allows a doctor to carry out internship training in a hospital recognised by the Medical Council. These posts are allocated by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

Graduates of Medical School in Ireland

Graduates of any one of the six medical schools in Ireland are entitled to apply for intern posts. Before you make your application for registration you must secure an intern post. These posts are allocated by the HSE.

Graduates of Medical Schools in European Union/ European Economic Area Member States

Graduates of medical schools in European Union/ European Economic Area member states may also apply for intern posts via the HSE. Graduates of the following member states are deemed to have completed their basic medical training and in such, are eligible to apply for general or trainee specialist registration.

Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Estonia Germany Greece
Spain France Cyprus
Iceland Latvia Hungary
Netherlands Romania Croatia
Switzerland Slovak Republic   
Finland Czech Republic    

Graduates of Medical Schools in Non - European Union/ European Economic Area Member States

Graduates of medical schools in Non - European Union/ European Economic Area member states may not apply for internship posts or internship registration in Ireland.

Application Procedure

At the beginning of each year (February/March), the HSE accepts applications for internship posts. Graduates who are offered a post are included on a list sent by the HSE to the Medical Council. The Medical Council then emails instructions to the graduates on making an application for registration.

Completion of Registration

On conferring day the Medical Council will receive from your university a list of those who have been conferred with medical degrees. Subject to meeting all the requirements you will be granted internship registration when this list is received.

A Certificate of Internship Registration will be emailed to the address submitted with your application. This email address will be the Medical Council’s main point of contact with you, though on occasion postal correspondence may be sent to the registered postal address that you provide.

Additional Information