Specialist Registration- Evaluation of Existing Training and Experience

Routes of Eligibility

Applicants who are not eligible for automatic recognition into the specialist division may have their existing training and experience evaluated by comparing the training and experience they received, to the training attained by a graduate of the relevant training programme in Ireland.

Applicants under this category include:

  1. 1st time applicants for specialist registration who have completed their training in a Non European Union/ European Economic Area Country 
  2. Applicants for specialist registration who have a mixture of training and experience wholly or partly obtained in a European Union/ European Economic Area member state but whose qualifications are not eligible for automatic recognition 

Applications are assessed on behalf of the Medical Council by the recognised postgraduate medical training bodies in Ireland. The Medical Council makes decisions on applications taking into account the postgraduate training bodies’ assessments.

Making an application 

There is an application pack for each individual specialty. To request an application pack, please use the online contact form form stating ‘Request specialist application pack’: This sample document pack (PDF, 1.5MB) demonstrates what is typically included in an application pack for an individual specialty.

Assessment Process

Please see the following process map (PDF, 240KB) which explains the process in visual form.

Additional Information